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hello! My name is Jacqueline, but you can call me Jackie. ^^ I am in my second year of college!

This is where I share my small drawings, comics, and animations about my everyday life. I use Photoshop and a Bamboo tablet.

I hope they can make your day a little brighter. Thank you for visiting! <3
[Please do NOT copy, remove the watermark, or translate any of my drawings. Thank you.]

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Frequently Asked Questions (please read before sending a question!)


Who are you? I’m Jacqueline, a young-at-heart, overly optimistic girl who likes to doodle cute things all over her papers and cheer people up.

What do you use to draw? Bamboo Pen tablet (CTL-460) and Photoshop CS6.

Can you draw me something? I’m sorry, I am much too busy! ): I wish I could make everyone happy, but that’s why I make drawings for chibird!

Can I pay you for a drawing? Yes, you can commission me for your business/blog/personal request! Just send me a message with a way that I can contact you, and we can work out the details.

How can I stalk contact you? Click here!



How do you draw? I use a tablet and photoshop as previously specified, but you don’t need them to draw. I started out on paper with pencil and pen, and the concept is the same. Sketch, line, color.

Can you teach me? If you are inspired to draw, then just start drawing! Art is a passion that can’t be taught. I can only instill in you the assurance that you are doing great just by trying, and you will only get better!

What’s your inspiration? My everyday life. Friends, family, love, the world, tumblr, school- anything and everything.

How do you make an animation? I still use Photoshop, which has an animation feature. I draw different frames and set them equal to a certain length of time. When you see it all together, it appears to move (just like a flipbook).

What font do you use? I handwrite my text.

Do you draw more advanced art? I do try to draw more serious works, but I don’t have any for public viewing as of now.

Do you have any advice for a starting artist? Draw what you love. Art is personal. Every artist has a unique style and personality that they convey in their art, so let your own originality shine. And keep drawing! Practice is important. Hard work can take you much farther than talent or luck can.

Can I use your art? Read this.



How many followers do you have? It really doesn’t matter to me. What I do care about is the amazing support people have given me, and the sweet messages people send.

Do you follow back? Nope, I only follow people if I happen upon their blogs and like them.

How did you get your little chatbox? You can sign up for on free at cbox. I made the smilies myself.

What theme do you use? I currently use Springfield. There are a few minor edits.

How do I follow you? There should be a button in the top right corner, but if not- click here!

Why didn’t you answer my message? Chances are it was answered here or it was a very short one. I’m really so thankful for all the messages I get, they truly mean a lot to me. If I don’t answer yours, I’m really sorry but I do appreciate it. I tend to get very busy, with my everyday life and updating my site so unanswered messages build up in my inbox.

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh
Currently on break! Please leave your message on my formspring for when I return in two weeks. Thank you as always~